I had this idea of “In Rust We Trust” for a while so banged out a $100 bill and facepunch was kind enough to display it on the latest community blog! Can you make out the watermarks? XD

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Its happened again! My Raidcam has been featured in the Facepunch community rust blog 181! Its been exciting times and had plenty of positive feedback and some helpful constructive feedback so I can better my raid cams. I can’t wait for whats to come in the future!

Check out the blog –> CLICK HERE

Check out the raid cam –> CLICK HERE

My project for a scale Rust Player!

It was featured as a headline on the latest community update 174



So, yeah – at first glance, that header could be a Rust fan dressed to the nines in his favorite Rust gear. I keep thinking that every time I scroll past, but then I have to remind myself that it’s actually Rizza Gaming’s custom made model. I’m sure you’re staring at it wondering ‘how?’, which is handy as I can show you how. That was easy!
That wasn’t easy. All those details: distressing the metal, the AK’s tiny bits, the mask’s paint. This is really amazing work. You might want to throw him a sub on Youtube, just to say thanks.

My latest Raid Cam is live! Clash of the 5 clans. Multiple large clans fight to the death in the biggest on-field battle we have seen ever.

Winners are in! See below for the lucky subscribers!
Winner from “Mega Vanilla Bases” – HADDØCK
Winner from “KING OF THE HILL RAID CAM” – Exotik.LK

Right now I am editing up a brand new raid cam from Rustralasia MAIN but be sure to hit me up if you have something spectacular to be filmed and we can try work something out!

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