Taking up an interest in PC gaming & online games from back in the 1990’s I’ve spent my time on mainly FPS (first person shooters) Like Call of Duty, Battlefields, CSGO. However, I started on early platforms such as my ever powerful 386 on VGA titles such as the commander keen series, Dark, Cosmo, Indiana Jones, Day of the tentacle and Dragon Lore. I had to make do with what I had for many years as we couldn’t afford a powerful graphics card when we updated. Turns out I needed to get a job when I was old enough.

Starting back into the gaming community early 2000’s on Counterstrike, Quake series, Unreal tournament, Battlefields, Company of heroes, and many others. Myself and some IRL mates formed a clan called g3 (Guns Guts & Glory) Which quickly got competitive and sat ranked number 1 on the Cybergamer ladder in search & destroy on Blackops and other COD versions. Over time people moved on and 3 of us stayed on to play battlefield and other titles just as mates.

I started taking interest in games like ARMA with the whole base building designs on the mods and having a competitive real time environment 24 hours a day. Then my mate said the words ill never forget…

“have you played rust yet? I rekkon you would like it”

I was introduced to RUST by my best IRL mate when it was still in its legacy stages quickly racking up plenty of hours. Now Rust has become what it is today I have nearly 4.5k in game time, which I proudly boast is NOT lobby hours. These days I spend a lot of time being part of a team as an Admin on some of the worlds largest Rust servers. In my downtime, if any I’ve taken up editing some pretty awesome raid cams for you. Thanks for visiting!


Shoutouts to my longest serving online buddies:

Ch4rcole, Mercx, W@rden, Evil_Flint & Cookie