Community Spotlight

Here are a few mentions in the Facepunch community blog for some work I’ve posted.

Community Update 182

Art time! Rizza Gaming felt Rust could use some currency. The Dome is a particularly nice touch.

Community Update 181

It’s been several million years since I posted a Raid Cam. They seem to have lost their charm amidst our Youtubers, but RiZZa Gaming recently specced a battle on Rustralasia.

He does a decent job of casting it, but it could use some tighter editing and fewer camera swoops.

Community Update 174

That’s not cosplay; that’s a handmade Rust player model. Come see how it was put together.

5 March 2018

So, yeah – at first glance, that header could be a Rust fan dressed to the nines in his favourite Rust gear. I keep thinking that every time I scroll past, but then I have to remind myself that it’s actually Rizza Gaming’s custom made model. I’m sure you’re staring at it wondering ‘how?’, which is handy as I can show you how. That was easy!

Community Update 162

Strangerish Things
riZZa spotted some parallels between Stranger Things series 2 and Rust. I think it turned out very well, though you won’t get it if you haven’t watched it.

Community Update 140

That’s not all. Rizza took pen to screenshot and created this odd little scene (left)